SJ Fruit Fly Project

Fruit fly

Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) or Med Fly as it is commonly referred to is a priority pest for the PHBG in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, where it is a declared pest.

Report card

The monthly report card is a quick summary of last months trapping data captured in the SJ Fly Cast monthly newsletter below.

The newsletter is a collaboration between the PHBG, University of WA and DPIRD.


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If you have a fruits or vegetables growing in your garden that are on the fruit fly menu for this month follow the C.U.B.E. strategy to control fruit fly to keep your garden safe.

Reporting tool

The University of WA have created a quick and easy reporting tool to collect information from landholders about fruit fly activity across the Shire of SJ.

Want a question answered about fruit fly? Include it in the reporting tool and see it answered by experts in the next edition of Flycast.

Don't know if you have fruit fly? Check out the most common culprits below or include a picture into the survey for help with identification.

Med Fly videos

Fruit Fly Identification

Fruit Fly aka Med Fly

Q Fly

House Fly

Stable Fly

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