Arum lily

Arum lily, like many Australian weeds is an escaped garden plant. It is usually found in wet areas along creeks or irrigation lines and If not controlled can form large dense clumps.

Unlike many weeds the most effective time to control arum lily is when it is mature and flowering, although smaller plants can be removed by hand.

Arum lily is toxic to stock however it is unpalatable therefore issues are rare. It outcompetes productive farm land and can choke up watering areas.

Due to its large green leaves and distinctive white flowers it is often sold at local markets or by flower vendors.

Management calendar

A faded icon means occasionally.

Control options


Due to legal requirements the PHBG does not recommend specific herbicides.

Please follow the links below to specific chemical control options for arum lily.


Mechanical removal is only effective if all the root fragments are removed.

Using a rotary hoe across multiple years to prepare soil can provide control.


No biological control agent has been developed for this weed.

Here is a great instructional video created by the Nature Conservation Margaret River Region on the correct way to spray arum lily.