Project :

Attendance at local community events


Events in the local community bring many people together in the one place. Hosting an information stand at agricultural society shows (e.g. Waroona Show) and festivals celebrating local producers and produce (e.g. SJ Food and Farm Fest) offers a convenient way to communicate declared pest control information to many people, whilst also providing the means for one on one conversations with landholders.

A PHBG information stand, with PHBG staff on hand, can provide a one-stop-shop for landholders wanting to ask questions, register for upcoming events or initiatives and to pick up resources. The PHBG can also have additional experts on hand (e.g. weed identification experts) at these events. In doing so, landholders are given ready access to a valuable information source. This may suit some landholders who struggle to make themselves available at an additional time to attend a PHBG hosted information session or workshop.

Attending community events allows the PHBG to promote itself and the activities it is involved in. It is also an opportunity to debunk some entrenched myths around methods of control, the role of recognised biosecurity groups (RBG), the declared pest rate (DPR) and control responsibilities. It has been surprising, even after multiple rounds of the DRR, that landholders approach PHBG staff at events with completely the wrong idea about the DPR invoice issued by the state government, and the connection it has to the PHBG.

The PHBG have developed interactive displays and activities, for all ages, to engage with landholders and the broader community on declared pests. In turn, this offers an opportunity to build awareness and understanding of declared pest issues, and to reinforce that any response must be at a landscape scale and is a shared responsibility.


IN (i.e. what the PHBG will be doing …)

  • Ag shows and community events hosted within the PHBG operational area

  • Event plan, including media to cross promote event and PHBG attendance

  • Display props and equipment, housed in the PHBG information trailer

  • Seasonal control information relevant to the PHBG operational area

  • Resources for controlling priority declared pests

  • Opportunity to register for PHBG hosted information sessions and workshops

  • Expert advice (when available)

  • Event metrics and highlights promoted on social media and in PHBG newsletter

OUT (i.e. what the PHBG will not be doing …)

  • Ag shows and community events hosted outside the PHBG operational area

  • Running the ag show or community event

  • Control information and advice on non-declared pests


  • Annually via PHBG annual report


    • Design and deliver enticing and interactive displays to attract people into the declared pest space, particularly those that do not initially think that declared pests are relevant to them.

    • Promote PHBG resources and activities to increase local understanding of declared pests, best-practice control options, the role of biosecurity groups and landholder responsibilities.

    • Provide multiple opportunities for landholders to directly engage with pest experts to increase local knowledge and capacity to undertake control.


  • Number of local events with a PHBG information stand (with one in each local government area being the aim).

  • Number of times PHBG has hosted an expert at its information stand (with two being the aim).

  • Number of people engaging with display.

  • Number of people taking resources.

  • Number of people seeking specific information from PHBG staff.

  • Number of landholders who reached out to the PHBG at the event and received additional support outside the event.

  • Number of engagements with pre- and post- social media.


  • Six weeks prior to the event - Event plan including stand theme, audit of resources required (e.g. seasonal control information for the area, promotional material for upcoming events), expert attendance (if required), cross-advertising of the event highlighting PHBG attendance.

  • One week after the event - Event summary including metrics and items to be followed up by PHBG staff.