Project :

Bridal Creeper biocontrol distribution project


Bridal creeper is a threat to natural bushland areas and is a rising concern with landholders across the PHBG operational area. Bridal creeper flowers in spring, dies back in summer and then reshoots in autumn. It’s large underground root system impacts natural regeneration by preventing native seedlings from establishing.

Bridal creeper has an introduced biological control agent (Bridal Creeper Rust) that is easy to collect and spread by individuals. The rust reduces the ability of bridal creeper to reproduce and has been an effective way to control infestations, however it does not eradicate the weed entirely.

Through this project the PHBG will increase support to landholders wanting to collect and spread the BC rust, to assist their control efforts, by mapping and providing information on locations that the BC rust is active. The PHBG has produced a PDF with instructions on collection and spreading the rust, this information will be distributed during the rust’s active seasons to encourage uptake of the project.


IN (i.e. what the PHBG will be doing …)

  • Inside operational area

  • Promoting reporting opportunities to landholders to collect infestation information

  • Mapping public BC infestations and providing access for interested landholders

  • Promoting collection instructions

OUT (i.e. what the PHBG will not be doing …)

  • Outside operational area

  • Collecting the rust

  • General provision of rust

  • Providing site details on private land

  • On ground control activities


  • Annually, according to the timeline set out by DPIRD.

  • Newsletter promotion during peak control times


    • Increase awareness of the availability and use of the BC rust

    • Increase the amount of BC rust being spread across the PHBG operational area


  • Engaging with landholders to report BC areas via social media ( 2 x posts)

  • Promotion of BC areas to landholders via newsletter

  • Promotion of BC areas to landholders via social media ( 2x posts)

  • One media release during peak control season for BC


  • Number of BC reports

  • Media release before peak control season ends

  • Number of landholders provided with BC rust collection and redistribution resources