Project :

Prioritising Cotton bush infestations to inform DPIRD’s compliance program


The PHBG runs a project to collect and validate community reports of declared weeds. The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development runs an annual compliance program that targets 15 properties in the PHBG operational area to enforce active management of Cotton bush. Through this project the PHBG will use its ongoing validation program data and prioritisation matrix to prioritise the top 15 properties to provide to the Department to inform their compliance program.

This would include additional follow up validations before sending a report to DPIRD to make sure all information passed along was up to date and correct.


IN (i.e. what the PHBG will be doing …)

  • Validating prioritised properties

  • Information report annually to DPIRD before their compliance program starts including data on prioritised properties

  • Presentation to DPIRD annually of prioritised properties

OUT (i.e. what the PHBG will not be doing …)

  • Compliance program activities

  • On ground control activities

  • Requirement by DPIRD to pick up prioritised properties in compliance program

  • Public annual report on compliance program activities ( DPIRD do not provide)


  • Annually to DPIRD before compliance program start (July)


    • To help direct compliance activities where they would be most effective

    • To Respond to community reports and angst of ‘problem properties’

    • To increase active management of cotton bush by informing landholders with cotton bush about the presence of the DPIRD compliance program.

    • Describe the process and outcomes of the project to landholders when enquiries are made about compliance.

    • Encourage landholders to report declared weed hotspots in order to inform DPIRD compliance activities.


  • May - Project validations completed

  • July - Annual report for DPIRD Officer

  • July 2023 - Presentation delivered


  • Number of validations completed

  • Presentation summarising project delivery provided to PHBG committee