Project :

Constructing pig trap workshop


The PHBG works to assist landholders in the long term management of pest pig populations. Upskilling of landholders with the knowledge to build and maintain in situ pig traps ensures ongoing and independent pig trapping efforts can be carried out.

This workshop aims to increase the knowledge and uptake of best practice methods for pig trapping among landholders. The PHBG aims to offer workshops that support landholders in gaining confidence to construct simple, low cost and effective on site traps.

As well as provide information and guidance on trap placement and setup.

Box traps, while popular in the past, have the limitation of partial mob capture, with trips often being triggered and trap closing before the entire mob has entered. This method could contribute to training pest pgis to become shy of cage traps in the future. PHBG aims to increase a behaviour change among landholders to transition towards pig trapping methods using a trap design that allows for continual intake, facilitating entire mob capture if run correctly.


IN (i.e. what the PHBG will be doing …)

  • Within op area

  • Site visit to discuss pest problem

  • Loan camera to monitor pig activity (when available)

  • Provide two trap construction workshops

  • Provide resources and support

  • Onsite construction support via Feral-Animal Subcommittee volunteers, when available

OUT (i.e. what the PHBG will not be doing …)

  • Outside of op area

  • Trap construction and materials

  • Feed to bait the trap

  • Running the trapping program

  • Euthansing pigs (PHBG can supply SSAA contact details)

  • Disposal of dispatched pigs


  • Annually via PHBG annual report


    • To assist landholders in the management of feral pigs.

    • To provide an opportunity for landholders to engage with the PHBG on best practices for pig trapping.

    • To encourage the use of FeralScan on an ongoing basis

    • To encourage cross boundary management practices within the community.


  • Delivery of two trap construction workshops

  • Media release post event

  • April - Annual report


  • Number of landholders engaged for pig management advice.

  • Landholder provided with relevant resources and support

  • Follow up feedback requested from workshop participants