Project :

Field Camera Workshop


Field cameras are an essential tool in effective pest management. Incorporating field camera monitoring into pest management programs provides essential insights into animal behaviour, distribution and population dynamics. The data provided through camera monitoring assists to inform requirements in program modification and assessing success rates.

PHBG aims to increase landholders confidence and uptake in camera monitoring through a series of workshops and production of informative resources.


IN (i.e. what the PHBG will be doing …)

  • Within op area

  • Loan cameras to use free of charge, when available

  • Information and resources

  • On site advise

OUT (i.e. what the PHBG will not be doing …)

  • Outside of op area

  • Managing onsite camera monitoring programs

  • Reviewing footage collected


  • Media release following workshops

  • Report in the annual report


    • To build confidence and upskill landholders in the use of monitoring cameras.

    • To encourage the use of FeralScan on an ongoing basis


  • Delivery of two field camera workshops

  • Media release post events

  • Annual report


  • Number of landholders engaged for field camera advice.

  • Landholder provided with relevant resources and support