Project :

Fox trap loaning project


Foxes are a major focus for landholders with the preservation of stock and native animals a priority. Providing traps is a good way to engage landholders in fox control. If a landholder knows that a fox is moving through their property, it is their responsibility to control. The PHBG’s role is to support landholders through the provision of trapping equipment. This overcomes the barrier of landholders not necessarily wanting to invest in their own traps.

All equipment dependent on availability.


IN (i.e. what the PHBG will be doing …)

  • Within op area

  • Delivery and pickup of trap to landholder if they are unable to do it themselves

  • With prior training and experience, traps can be allocated to specific organisation for them to administer to their members

  • Resources and information

  • One on one advice and expertise on trapping techniques and general declared pest control

  • Guidance on the use of FeralScan

  • Neighbourhood awareness raising around hotspot

  • Cameras for monitoring (when available)

OUT (i.e. what the PHBG will not be doing …)

  • Outside op area

  • Supply of pre-feeding bait

  • Coordination of pre-feeding (landholder to undertake)

  • Euthanisation and disposal of trapped fox

  • Recommendations of shooters (we will supply Sporting Shooters Association of Australia **)

  • Pre and post monitoring (landholder to undertake through FeralScan)


  • Annually via PHBG annual report.

  • Updates in PHBG newsletter (Quarterly).

  • LGA hotspot updates (Quarterly).


    • To provide landholders access to a specialised tool to complement their fox control efforts.

    • To provide information on traps and how they should be used in an integrated control program.

    • To encourage the use of FeralScan on an ongoing basis (beyond the loan of the trap).


  • February - Develop written instructions.

  • June - Develop video instructions.

  • Quarterly - updates for newsletter and LGAs.

  • Annually - Upload all PHBG collected information to FeralScan.


  • All EOI are responded to and provided with the opportunity to loan equipment.

  • Increase in camera monitoring of fox activity.

  • Signups to FeraScan.

  • Letters to adjoining landholders wherever a trap has been loaned out.