Project :

Hoggone trail


It is important to have a suite of tools for landholders to use to control feral pigs. One option that is new to Western Australia is Hoggone. The promoted advantage of Hoggone is that it can be bought over the counter so long as it is administered via the Hoggone delivery system.

The PHBG is committed to trailing new and innovative methods of feral animal control to increase organisational understanding and skill, to then be able to communicate practical information to landholders.

The PHBG will purchase the delivery system to trial. To run a robust trial, and ensure that there is a good understanding of the bait mechanism, as well as related animal behaviour and movement, the manufacturer and the feral animal subcommittee will be consulted.

To rapidly increase understanding the PHBG will partner with other stakeholders to replicate the trial in another region of similar environmental conditions.


IN (i.e. what the PHBG will be doing …)

  • Within op area

  • Run trial of Hoggone covering the entire cost (no cost to landholder, but not covering landholder time)

  • Sharing results with other stakeholders

OUT (i.e. what the PHBG will not be doing …)

  • General access to Hoggone delivery program

  • Prefeeding (landholder involved in trial to administer prefeed)

  • Liability for off-target impacts


  • A report on the trial will be delivered by March 2023.


    • To determine the viability of the PHBG developing a Hoggone delivery program, where viability depends on the performance and usability of the system under trial conditions.

    • Use a trial to build knowledge and partners to better understand feral animal technologies.


  • Planning meeting with manufacturer and other parties

  • June - Trial set up

  • December - Trial delivered

  • March - Report of subsequent year


  • Trial proposal

  • Trial delivered according to proposal guidelines

  • Reported delivered to partner and key stakeholders

  • Report to community delivered