Project :

Cotton Bush & Apple of Sodom Tree Popper Loaning Project


Cotton Bush and Apple of Sodom are two of the PHBG’s 6 priority weeds. Apple of Sodom can grow to 2m in height and width, outcompeting native plants, restricting stock access and providing shelter for pest animals such as rabbits. Cotton bush forms dense thickets in disturbed or degraded pasture areas, displacing pasture species and posing a risk to stock as the plant is toxic if consumed. Fortunately, both species can be controlled via manual removal of the plant, so landholders can easily take action to control infestations on their property.

Though an effective means of controlling both species, manual removal of mature plants can be challenging due to their size and large root systems. Apple of sodom is a very prickly plant that can be difficult to remove by hand even with the use of PPE.

This project will provide landholders within the PHBG’s operational area with Tree Poppers to assist in manual removal of both Cotton bush and Apple of sodom. Using a manual aid to remove mature plants can reduce the risks of injury and make the process easy and efficient, encouraging landholders to take action.

Currently the tree poppers can be collected from the Waroona Landcare Centre or delivered by PHBG officers if pre arranged. This project will also explore the possibility of setting up satellite collection points across the PHBG’s operational area to increase the accessibility of this equipment to landholders.


IN (i.e. what the PHBG will be doing …)

  • Within Op area

  • Delivery of Tree Poppers

  • Collection of tree poppers

  • Explore the possibility to create satellite collection points

  • Purchase of additional Tree Poppers as required

  • Establishment of satellite collection points (if possible)

OUT (i.e. what the PHBG will not be doing …)

  • Outside operational area

  • Removal of weeds by PHBG


  • Annually, according to the timeline set out by DPIRD.

  • Updates in newsletters (Quarterly)

  • Updates to LGAs (Quarterly)


    • To provide landholders with specialised equipment to undertake physical control of Cotton bush and Apple of Sodom in the PHBG operational area.

    • To provide ease of access to PHBG equipment

    • To encourage manual removal of Cotton bush by landholders within the PHBG’s operational area.


  • March - Establishment of 2 satellite collection points

  • Ongoing - Landholders loaning equipment to assist in weed control

  • Ongoing - Landholders satisfied with equipment and service offered by PHBG


  • Number of landholders utilising equipment

  • Satisfaction with equipment and PHBG support

  • Establishment of 2 satellite collection points