The PHBG have a range of programs, activities and resources available to help the community control declared pests.


Feral animal control workshops

The PHBG have delivered multiple feral control workshops focussing on management options associated with the removal feral rabbits and pigs as well as foxes.

Weed Identification and advice workshops

The PHBG can organise and deliver information workshops to interested groups, landholders, businesse or local government officers.

Help with Control


The PHBG has a number of tree poppers available to assist in the physical removal of large mature woody weeds.

Tree poppers ergonomically assist in levering out mature woody weeds fro the soil.


The PHBG has backpack spray equipment that can be used to apply a chemical herbicide for the control of declared weeds.


The PHBG are developing avenues where biocontrol agents can be spread within our operational area to assist in the control of Paterson's curse.

Watch this space.

If you are unable to manage weeds or animal pests on your property, think about employing a local and qualified pest controller.


The PHBG have a range of traps that can be hired to assist in the control of feral animals.


The PHBG can provide information on the range of chemical options available for the control of feral animals.

This includes subsidising the cost of 1080 permits and training.


The PHBG run an annual rabbit control program that includes the release of the RHDV1 K5 strain of the calicivirus.