Pest Controllers

Trying to find a contractor?

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group has a list of weed control contractors that are active across our operational area.

We are always looking to add people to the list so get in touch if you have a business in the area or know someone who has.


The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage suffered by any person or body relying directly or indirectly on any information contained within this contractor list.

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group does not accept any liability for any property management decisions made on the basis of the information provided. This contractor list does not constitute property management advice.

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group urges you to obtain multiple quotes, and take into account your particular objectives, financial situation and individual needs before proceeding with weed contractors.

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Pest Controller Qualifications

If you are unable to manage weeds or animal pests on your property, think about employing a local and qualified pest controller.

Remember, pest control is not a one-off. Factor in a longer term view, and talk to your pest controller about options for engaging their services on a more regular basis, and over a period of time. This type of arrangement leads to better outcomes with the pest controller able to schedule and stage work on your property.

Ask around for who is recommended in your local area. Your neighbours, progress association or stockfeeder are a good place to start.

The Western Australian pest management licence is a photo ID licence.

The front of the card lists the type of licence, the expiry date and the pest management activity the licence holder is authorised to carry out (listed under endorsements).

Listed on the back of the card are restricted pesticides the technician is authorised to use and any conditions relating to the use of those pesticides.

Do you want to become a Paid pest controller?

Any person who wants to work in the pest management industry must obtain a technicians licence from the Department of Health. To be eligible for a technicians licence the applicant must have obtained the appropriate qualifications or competency training listed in the guide for pest management technicians (PDF 464KB). The applicant must also be employed in a business registered by the Department of Health.

Pest management businesses that wish to operate in Western Australia must be registered by the Department of Health. To register a business, the proprietor or owner-operator must have satisfied the requirements listed in the guide to registering a business (PDF 362KB). Owner-operators must ensure they have satisfied any local government requirements prior to applying.

Do you want to become a VOLUNTEER Shooter?

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia WA (SSAA) is a good place to start if you are interested in shooting to control feral animals for wildlife conservation or to help farmers.

SSAA members who participate in these programs have achieved a skill competency equivalent to professional shooter training and have committed to operating under a code of practice that demands safety, animal welfare and ethical behaviour.

Do you want to become a VOLUNTEER Trapper?

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group is keen to offer training and mentoring opportunities to people who are genuinely committed to pest control beyond their own farm gate. Please contact the PHBG if you are interested. Email