Weed Advice and ID Workshops

The PHBG welcomed back weed experts Greg Keighery, recent Order of Australia recipient, and Principal Ecologist Andrew Mitchell to work through local weed issues and samples on the 3rd September.

The workshops had to be split into two parts due to the high demand. Over 70 people attended across the whole day bringing in over 150 weed samples.

The workshop was informative and interactive with many attendees providing feedback that the workshops increased their knowledge of weed identification and control.

A large number of Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale grounds crew attended and the officers had many questions about they plants they come across in their day to day work.

All attendees receive the perfect companion to weed ID and control in the form of the the Southern Weeds and their Control booklet which will be used to increase the effectiveness of weed control efforts across the PHBG operational area. Correct Identification of weeds is the first step to finding out the most efficient way to control them.

Many common weeds made an appearance on the day with lots of different samples from the oxalis, erodiums and sow thistle genera. There were some red flags with an asparagus sample that was declared and highly invasive, black flags with their tiny corms ready to spread and the growing threat from Euphorbia which is starting to become more common on roadsides but can cause serious allergic reactions. There was even a plant that neither Greg or Andrew could identify and it was taken home for further study.

The workshop was the first in a series with Blackwood Biosecurity Group hosting the next workshop in Bridgetown on the 19th September and the Leschenault Biosecurity Group hosting a workshop the next day on the 20th September in Dardanup.

Expressions of interest for upcoming workshops can be emailed to weeds@phbg.org or sign up for the PHBG quarterly newsletter.

host one

The PHBG are committed to increasing the level of knowledge and skills in the identification and control of declared weeds.

Hosting a workshop is a great way to increase the level of training and knowledge in your workplace, through the local community or within a community group.

Workshops can focus on:

  • Any of our six priority declared weeds

  • Integrative weed control

  • What are the different types of control options

  • Weed control advice

  • Weed Identification

The best way to keep up to date with upcoming workshops from the PHBG is to sign up for the Groups newsletter or follow us on social media.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming workshop or would like to discuss hosting one please email the Group on comms.phbg@gmail.com