feral Pigs

Pigs were introduced into Australia during European settlement. Escaping domestication and spreading along watercourses and floodpains the pigs reached such high numbers that by 1880 they were considered a pest in NSW.

Feral pigs are a negative impact on local agricultural industries as they prey on newborn lambs, destroy crops, damage fences, foul water sources, and competing with livestock for food.

Feral pigs are a potential carrier of exotic diseases, their presence across 40% of Australia represents a major threat as potential carriers of Foot-and-Mouth disease, should it ever enter Australia.

Pig Control Options:

  • Baiting

  • Trapping

  • Shooting

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group is committed to increasing trapping accreditation and training in our operational area. If you are interested in setting up a feral pig trap on your property or learning how to set up a trap contact the Group.

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