Equipment Services

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group has equipment available for landholders within our operational area to loan free of charge

The first step for landholders interested in hiring equipment is to fill in our Expression of Equipment online form and wait for a PHBG staff member to get in touch or contact the PHBG Equipment officer on 0409 079 156.

Some of our larger pieces of equipment are loaned out as part of a larger seasonal control program which may have additional instructions. Those details are outlined below.

NEW! Weed Spray Trailer

Monitoring Cameras

Fox traps 

Tree poppers

Soft Jaw Traps 

Bait Stations

Warren Smoker 

Backpack Sprayer

School Resources 

Equipment Projects

Weed wiper 

The PHBG have four weed wipers, two large and two small, that landholders can loan free of charge to assist them in their control of the toxic declared weed Cape tulip.

Follow the link below to read about the weed wiper program and how you can access this equipment. 

matlock pig traps

The PHBG run a successful pig trapping program using the Matlock trapping system. 

Landholders that notice pig trapping activity on their properties can contact the PHBG Lead Field Officer, on 0419 736 207, to discuss pig trapping options and find out if the Matlock System is a suitable option.