apple of sodom

Apple of Sodom becomes an erect woody shrub generally growing to one to two meters high but can grow as tall as five meters.

The plant forms dense thickets which provides cover for other pests and reduces productivity on farmland.

The weed is difficult to remove by hand due to long sharp spines along the stem of the plant.

The plants globular fruits change from yellow to black as they mature. The fruits are bitter and poisonous but can be attractive to young children.

The weed spreads by seeds and are dispersed once the fruit decomposes after falling from the adult plant.

Management calendar

A faded icon means occasionally.

Control options


Due to legal requirements the PHBG does not recommend specific herbicides.

Please follow the links below for specific chemical control options for apple of Sodom.


Isolated plants can be removed manually and burnt.

Use protective gear when removing plants due to presence of thorns.


No biological control agent has been developed for this weed.