Project :

Weed Identification and Advice Workshop


The first step in effective weed control is knowing what you are dealing with. The PHBG aims to host a Weed ID and Advice Workshops annually allowing landholders in the PHBG operational area to bring along plant samples for identification and discussion by experts.

The workshops have become very popular with private landholders as well as staff at local government offices, DBCA, Watercorp, Harvey Water and adjoining RBG’s.

The more identification skills there are in the community the more effective weed control activities will be as control can be directed at the most effective times according to seasonal or physiological factors.

*** lack of accessible weed id expertise has dramatically declined over the past 30 years


IN (i.e. what the PHBG will be doing …)

  • Within op area

  • Two workshop sessions held in PHBG operational area

  • Widespread advertising and promotion

  • Online booking system

  • Access to experts by landholders for identification of plant samples

  • Provide oppurtunity for landholders to virtually supply samples for assessment by experts if unable to attend workshop

OUT (i.e. what the PHBG will not be doing …)

  • Outside op area

  • Specific control information for plant samples

  • More than two workshops

  • On ground weed control activities

  • Access to experts for plant identification outside of workshops


  • After feedback has been collected from participants an event report is created

  • Inclusion in annual report


    • To provide landholders access to weed experts for the identification of plant samples

    • To provide an opportunity for landholders to engage with the PHBG and each other on local weed issues

    • Providing an opportunity for staff at stakeholder organisations an opportunity to learn more about local weed issues

    • PHBG to reach out and invite organisations to send staff along to workshops


  • February - Presenters contacted with proposed date

  • March - Date fixed

  • Media plan completed six weeks prior to event


  • Number of people satisfied with event

  • Post event check-ins completed