Foxes were introduced into Australia in the 1850's for recreational hunting and are now found in high densities across mainland Australia.

Foxes prey on poultry and young livestock, they also help transmit diseases such as distemper, parvo virus and mange.

Foxes are a pest across both rural and urban environments.

It is more effective to have multiple properties initiating control at one time than ad hoc control by individuals across the year.

Fox control is most effective in late winter and early spring when foxes are breeding and food demand is high.

Fox control options include:

  • Baiting

  • Exclusion fencing

  • Fumigation

  • Den destruction

  • Trapping

  • Shooting

Fox Behaviour

In July and August 2022 the PHBG held a series of Fox and Pizza events at five different locations. Over 50 attendees were able to learn more about Fox Behaviour from Professor Trish Fleming, Murdoch University.

That presentation was filmed and is provided here.

Fox and Pizza Night.mp4
Fox Cage Trap.mp4

fox trap loan

Landholders within the PHBG operational area can loan a fox trap free of charge. Equipment can be picked up from the PHBG Waroona Office with an appointment or delivery can be organised with a PHBG Field Officer.

This service is funded through the Declared Pest Account.

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Fox Fact Sheets