The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group has six priority declared weeds.

You can contact the Group for specialised support in the control of declared weeds.

INTEGRATive Weed Management 

Integrative weed management (IWM) using several different weed control techniques within a long term plan to remove weed infestations from a landholding. 

IWM takes into account  the four major types of control:

Generally there are more than one weed control technique that can be applied to any one weed it is the characteristics of where the weed is situated that will impact on the effectiveness and viability of each different option.

IWM will also take into account the effect of weed control on the surrounding natural environment and seek weed control options that do minimal harm.

Other issues such as a landholders amount of money, time and energy available for weed control can be taken into account when creating a plan for IWM.

Creating a long term plan that incorporates several different techniques can lead to more effective and efficient weed control. It can prevent wasting time, money and energy on using the wrong technique at the wrong time.

Integrative weed management can also help in situations where multiple weeds are present. A landholders long term plan can be focused preventing further spread, determining which weeds present the largest risks and move towards full eradication.

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group can assist landholders by outlining the different weed control options available, the most effective time to apply those options and which areas to start on first to prevent further spread of the weed.