Membership & Participation

Levels of membership

The Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group has three different types of FREE membership. Member applications are cleared quarterly at committee meetings.

Kids having fun with pest posters that look like an old western most wanted poster, but for pests such as rabbits and foxes


Individuals younger than 16 years are eligible for a junior membership.

Junior members cannot vote at general meetings.

However, a young peoples summit will be held every second year. The intention of the summit will be to provide young people with the opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas regarding pest management.

The PHBG is also hoping to help your teachers out with some fun resources.

Committee members talking with the backdrop of a ute


Individuals who have a landholding within the PHBG operational area can apply for ordinary membership.

Applications for ordinary membership are assessed by the PHBG management committee.

Successful applicants will demonstrate adherence to the objects of the PHBG, as stated in its constitution.

An ordinary member is conferred one vote at a general meeting.

People standing around the PHBG information trailer


Individuals who do not have a landholding within the PHBG operational area can apply for an associate membership.

Applications for associate membership are assessed by the PHBG managment committee.

This level of membership does not confer voting rights at general meetings.

An associate member can be appointed to a permanent or occasional sub-committee of the PHBG.

A landholding is an area of land that someone owns or rents.

All members are automatically signed up for the PHBG e-newsletter. They will also be given a welcome pack that includes the PHBG code of conduct, key documents and links to resources.


There are many ways to volunteer your time and expertise to support local pest control activities.

You don't have to be a member of the PHBG to volunteer.

Come along to one of our events, or take the opportunity to have your local weeding day or feral animal control event supported by the PHBG. We can offer equipment, promotion, our help on the day, and even a bbq to reward all the hard effort.

Click here if you would like to know more about your rights and responsibilities as a volunteer.